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Bill, college Air Force ROTC ‘summer camp’ orientation flight in T-33, Big Springs Texas 1960?

Cover of Wrestling News Thanksgiving Super Dome Spectacular, grossed $146,222

At Shea’s Stadium Celebrity Home Run Derby: Bobo Brazil, Casey Stengel (Hall of Fame Manager), Bill, and Arnold Skaaland

Bill wrestling Jack Brisco with Stu Swartz refereeing (Florida 1974-75)

Program for Milwaukee, new indoor record, $29,600 (1969)

Bio of match featuring Bill versus Lars Anderson

Bill with standing double-double for suplex (opponent unknown)

Bill versus Crazy Luke Graham, circa 1964-65

Bill versus Dennis Condry?

Bill in Madison Square Garden versus Bruno Sammartino, 1965 – largest crowd in history at ‘old’ MSG

Being fitted for first ‘custom made suit’ in Philidelphia 1964?

Bill as Champion on the cover of Roy Shire’s San Francisco Cow Palace event

The Card at the Cow Palace on Dec. 31st 1966

Program cover for Little Rock, AR., Watts vs Lou Thesz, NWA World’s Champion in 1963

The Card in Little Rock in 1963 – note only 3 matches advertised (cards then were very limited)

Watts vs The Great Bolo, the winner to get the title bout with Lou Thesz (1963)

Card in Oklahoma City in 1963 – note again the number of bouts on a card in that era.

Tulsa Tribune Story about me and my upcoming bout, from my office in my home then.

Watts in Japan, (first trip) Tarzan Tyler is the bleached blonde in the pic on the right, and their superstar the Giant Baba in the lower left pic. Circa 1965

Watts and ‘somebody else?’ dumping Bobby Shane over the top rope.

Bill and my son Joel, and my Dad (Bill) from our office on Breckenridge St. in Bixby

Bill in a dressing room contemplating his upcoming match

Bill and Paul Boesch on Paul’s wrestling radio show in Houston in the early ’60’s

Bill versus Sting in a ‘Bunk House Brawl’ 1987?

Bill focused in on his opponent like a ‘big train coming’

Bill and my beautiful daughter, Ene (had to be in the ’70’s with the hair and shirt :>)

Dory Funk Jr., NWA World’s Champion, Leroy McGuirk, and Bill

Cowboy Bill and The Crusher, wearing my hat and fringed deerskin jacket (Minneapolis, 1968-69)

Bill being carried out of the ring by Stu Swartz and Jimmy Tanaka, Florida, 1974 (Book cover picture)

Publicity photo of Bill, North American Champion

Watts versus Verne Gagne, 1968-69

Watts Stampeding The Spoiler, 1970’s (The Spoiler, managed by Gary Hart, was an awesome opponent, and we drew a ‘ton of money in the box office.’)

Gordon Solie, Watts, and Dusty Rhodes in Georgia

Watts in Grand Cayman

Watts on the beach in Hawaii with Pedro Morales – ’60’s

Watts headlocking Lou Thesz, NWA World’s Champion (one of the greatest)

She ‘stole my heart’ – my daughter, Ene (named after her mother), in Destin, Florida

My 2nd wife, (and the mother of Erik, Micah, and my daughter, Ene), my wife, (also named) Ene, Bill, Danny Hodge, Sam Steamboat and his wife, in Hawaii as guests of the Don Ho show in the 60’s?

Publicity photo Cowboy Bill Watts, check the hair….

Standing by an over 500 lb Bench Press in the ’60’s. (I did 585 lbs. on that lift in the ’60’s – the only one stronger then was Bruno Sammartino.)

Publicity photo with Indianopolis Warrior team-mates in 1962, (NFL sponsored-concept pro-football farm team I played for while ‘breaking into pro-wrestling there’)

Publicity photo, I believe shot at Channel 9 in Oklahoma City

Publicity photo

Program cover for ‘big event’ at the ‘Met’ promoted by Verne against me in Minneapolis

The Card for that event

Pepper Gomez (a superstar), Bill, and Joe Scarpa (an Italian from NJ) who later became Chief Strongbow for the WWWF, in California in 1965-66.

Publicity photo for Indianapolis Warriors

First wrestling publicity photos in 1962 in Indianapolis with me ‘hip tossing’ my friend and mentor, Dale Lewis – a former Olympian, and twice NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Champion at OU.

Dale and I, in a ‘standing guillotine’

Dale and I in a ‘surf board’

My brother Bob with me at Super’s Gym in NJ in 1964-65

Reaching to scoop up Dirty Dick Murdock in a ‘slam’

Bill hitting Dick Murdock, with Jerry Usher in the background as referee (a loyal and extremely good referee)

Muhammad Ali and Bill ‘squared off’

Bill versus Stan the Lariat Hanson

Bill tag-teaming with Ray Candy

North American Champion, Cowboy Bill Watts, signing autographs before the introductions to the match

Shreveport TV, Bill Watts, Reisor Bowden our announcer, and Barry Darsow

Watts and Ali in New Orleans

Bill and Dr. Death at OU to make a presentation to Doc at half-time of the Missouri game at the stadium – Barry Switzer was the OU coach then

Shreveport TV with host of Mid-South Wrestling, Boyd Pearce, a fantastic person.

Bill, Dusty Rhodes, and my dear friend, Hiro Matsuda, in Japan for WCW.

Duayne Miller (who later became an NCAA Wrestling Champion at 123lbs at OU), our Putnam City High School coach, Lee Snyder, and Bill at Heavyweight at 235 lbs. in 1957

Cowboy Bill Watts with the seemingly ever-present bandage covering the most recent ‘injury’ – check the hair and the shirt

Bill ‘forearm smashing’ Buddy Colt, another truly great wrestler, whose career was cut short by his plane crash injuries in Florida in ’74, in which Bobby Shane was killed.

Putnam City High School Football Program 1957 – Bill with ‘my coach’ Joe Garrison, who meant so much to me – he ‘believed in me as an athlete and person’ – and I believed in him as a true coach – with all that includes.

Bill ‘kicking’ Mr. Wrestling II in Georgia.

Mr. Wrestling II has just ‘back-dropped’ Bill – wow, he really elevated me on this one.

Bill with ‘scissors’ on Mr. Wrestling II, with ‘special referee,’ Klondike Bill

Bill dumping 640 lb. Haystacks Calhoun over the top rope in a ‘Battle Royal.’

Cowboy Bill Watts by the door of my Cheyenne III airplane

Bill working out with my brother Bob, in NJ in the ’64

Another angle of the ‘scissors’ on Mr. Wrestling II

Bill holding Dale Lewis in my first publicity photos shot in Indianapolis in 1962

Another one of my ‘creations’ Ivan Putski (Joe Bednarski) who went on to be a superstar.

Bob Armstrong with me in a headlock. Bob is one of the truly greats – in so many ways