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The Cowboy and the Cross:
The Bill Watts Story:
Rebellion, Wrestling, and Redemption

The Cowboy and the Cross: The Bill Watts Story: Rebellion, Wrestling, and Redemption
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I truly am excited as well as ‘humbled’ by the comments being received so far by those of you who have read the book — and see my heart revealed as I try to present that we all have choices in life, and each of those choices has consequences — good or bad. And also that they are greatly entertained by what they read — but also impacted by the message.

For those of you ‘so inclined’ I would also be privileged to autograph it for you — and you can get those instructions by clicking on the link at the beginning of this. Certainly we hope to get ‘feed back’ from you after you read it.

The Cowboy and the Cross is the compelling story of the profound change spiritual rebirth can make in even the most arrogant and hardened heart.

It chronicles the rocky road of one of North America’s most controversial sports figures from an angry, rebellious young man, to wrestling Super-Star, to one of it’s most successful promoters, to a follower of Christ. His introspection of ‘this process’ reveals his ‘choices and the consequences.’

Along the way, “Cowboy” Bill Watts mixed it up with some of the top names in the unique world of wrestling. A straight shooter, Watts takes us from his stormy upbringing to his tumultuous years at the University of Oklahoma, sparing nothing in his assessment of football coaching legend, Bud Wilkinson.

From there, he details his early days in the mat game – learning from the best and rising quickly through the ranks. There are frightening stories about a powerful young man who cheated tragedy and skirted the law in more than one violent altercation. But you’ll also read about how this same man used a stint in the Northeast to become one of wrestling’s biggest draws.

In the 1970s, Bill Watts became one of the sport’s kingpins, and in The Cowboy and the Cross he takes readers behind the scenes to detail power struggles in Oklahoma and his key role in “The Battle for Atlanta” – one of the nastiest promotional wars ever.

He also writes about his time in Florida, which gave him what he calls his ‘PhD in wrestling promotion.’ His in-depth analysis of that kind of logic and psychology alone makes this book what Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer calls a “must-read” for any true fan or student of the wrestling business.

Watts revisits the careers of the top stars of his legendary Mid-South Wrestling promotion, and the events that made that promotion the success it was – even as it battled the expansion of Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation. Ultimately, “The Cowboy” spares no detail as he explores the oil crunch ‘megatrend’ that killed his company and the personal trials that killed his marriage. These conflicts coincided with his spiritual reawakening created a mercurial roller-coaster emotionally, and Watts bares himself completely as he discusses this process of the struggle to discipline himself to live his life in conformity to his faith, and the role it plays in his life.

He describes leaving the business and how he is still adjusting, as well as his controversial 1992 stint in World Championship Wrestling. Finally, Watts explores his last wrestling venture, a short trip to the WWF in 1995, before giving his thoughts on today’s wrestling and how God is touching the life he now lives.

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