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Aug 22 2006

Guts … Having what it takes

By Arthur Daniel Robert McIntosh Sr. … February 17, 2005

Gee? How positive can you be…with all the negatives you do see?

Do you always get what you wish?

Even when you fish?

Positive guts do persevere, everywhere,

That’s Having what it takes, even with mistakes.

Ugh! How patient can you be…when all the world isn’t free?

Do you say what you will?

Even when you cower or are dour, sour filled?

Patient guts do show, wherever you go,

That’s Having what it takes, be careful what sounds you make.

Tried & true? How persistent have you been…do you try, try again?

Do you think out loud whatever you’re about?

Even when you want to swear and shout?

Persistent guts must be yours you see, learning nothing’s ever free,

That’s Having what it takes, even when you ache.

Strong? How passionately do you pray…to do His Will each and every day?

Do you share with loved ones what you truly care?

Even though their ridicule you do fear?

Passionate guts do claim…serve others with a positive, patient, and persistent aim.

That’s Having what it takes…till in Heaven with The Savior you awake.


Copyright 2005 by Arthur Daniel Robert McIntosh, Sr.

[954] 430-8280

All rights reserved
Dedicated to my Grandson Crayton Maxwell McIntosh, for his February 17th Birthday

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Aug 21 2005

Excerpts of Poetry by George West Frazer

Excerpts of poetry by George West Frazer, who went to the Lord Jan. 24,1896:

1) God’s house is filling fast—

“Yet there is room!”

Some soul will be the last–

“Yet there is room!”

Yes, soon Salvation’s day

From you will pass away,

Then grace will no more say–

“Yet there is room!”

2) Down to the depths of Woe

Christ came to set me free:

He bared His breast,

Received the blow,

Which justice aimed at me!

3) On that same night, Lord Jesus,

When all around Thee joined

To cast its darkest shadow

Across Thy holy mind,

We hear Thy voice, blest Savior,

“This do, remember Me!”

With joyful hearts responding,

We do remember Thee.

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Aug 21 2005


Deserted! God could separate from His own essence rather;

And Adam’s sins have swept between the righteous Son and Father;

Yea, once, Immanuel’s orphaned cry His universe hath shaken——

It went up single, echoless, “My God, I am forsaken!”

It went up from His holy lips, amid His lost creation

That no believer e’er should use those words of desolation.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Aug 21 2005

Low At Thy Feet

Low at Thy feet, Lord Jesus,

This is the place for me;

Here I have learned deep lessons,

Truth that has set me free.

Free from myself Lord Jesus,

Free from the ways of men;

Chains of thought that have bound me,

Never bind again.

None but Thyself, Lord Jesus,

Conquered this wayward will,

But for Thy love constraining,

I had been wayward still.

(Found in a man’s bible after he died.)

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