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Dec 02 2004

Who Said This?

Many people today assume the “wall of separation” means freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion.

You know my heart on this—-and that I feel this ‘growing and more invasive’ assault by our Supreme Court as it methodically works to ‘erase God’ from our culture under the ‘guise’ (deception) of ‘separation of church and state’——–which was never the intent of our Founding Fathers, as it now is being interpreted by our courts——-has America at a ‘crossroads’ morally. To use God’s moral and ethical laws as a guide or the foundation for our society’s interaction is not ‘promoting religion.’ It is just identifying and declaring our moral and ethical principles. It does ‘not’ require anyone ‘to believe’ as we do, or in ‘our God.’

Some would ‘challenge the government’ to being able to ‘legislate morality.’ I present to you that ‘murder, rape, theft, assault, — crime – is about morality.’ If we do not ‘legislate morality’ we then leave it up to each individual to ‘act as they feel or desire.’ That would describe ‘chaos’ and anarchy – and we see that in nations in the midst of ‘revolution’ or ‘armed overthrow’ of their governments. The US is a nation of law – and order – based upon those laws.

In the United States, there has been for many years now, the promoting of a “false concept,” a deception, that stated enough, soon many Americans start “buying into it” instead of really researching it, and then labeling it for what it is, a complete lie——and a tool to silence the voice of Christianity in America. And we think maybe this is a first time this has happened. But it isn’t.

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