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Apr 12 2009

Because He Lives…so too can we! Happy Easter!

April 12th  Today…Easter…is a day of joyous celebration…on which our entire faith is truly based…that Jesus Christ is risen!

That God the Father stamped His approval on the finished work of His only Son, Jesus Christ…as He died on the cross ‘in our place’… and ‘became our sin’ before God…and paid the entire and eternal penalty to a holy and righteous God for our sins…

And that God the Father raised Him from the grave…and He lives!!

Thereby the mystery and miracle of God’s salvation for us in that…’Jesus Christ became the bridge for each of us for eternal redemption… reconciliation… restoration…and glorification in Him with God the Father!’

His free gift to each of us who will but accept His Son as Savior and Lord! (for there is NO SIN that God’s grace cannot forgive — except the ‘rejection of His Son’) Praise His holy name! Continue Reading »

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Apr 16 2006

He Lives! Christ is Risen!

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His Resurrection is the central theme for our faith – our hope in God! Without it we have none! If He is ‘not risen’ then neither will we be resurrected for an eternal life with our Creator, our God!

Each of us should consider where we go when we die. If we believe our death ends all life – and is thus, completely over – that we are then in ‘oblivion’ and that is all there is to this life – that we are ‘not’ eternal beings, then, we ‘reject God.’ We call Him a liar!

If we then also feel that somehow we will be ‘eternal beings’ and at our deaths will be transported ‘somewhere’ – to ‘exist in some form’ – and it will ‘be a version of Heaven’ – and our ‘acceptance into this place’ is based upon our ‘good deeds or works’ – our personal performance (which all other religions except Christianity seem to have as their basis) – then, we also ‘reject God’ because if we ‘believe that – then we actually must believe He made a horrible mistake in sending His only Son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified – to pay the penalty for our sins – to provide the way of redemption – to reconcile us forever to God the Father. Because if one person could ‘attain holiness and righteousness’ by ‘their own performance’ – Christ need never have been crucified.

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