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Mar 15 2006

Marriage Is About Love and Respect

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I am experiencing something that is ‘impacting me’ in such a wonderful way… empowering way, a way of tremendous ‘hope’…..that I just have to share it with each of you. (And, maybe you don’t need this…..I hope you don’t…..but if statistics are any measure, then we all can benefit.)

My wife Suzanne, who I dearly love and respect…..and because she loves God, I feel is the¬†only reason she could possibly love me…..and is the reason we are still married…..because we have had some tremendous ‘disagreements’……’arguments’…..’differences of opinion’…..and more, I feel, we have not learned to ‘resolve’ issues in a manner that promotes peaceful, loving understanding. Too often we have gone to what I term as ‘a volcano eruption’ in this ‘process.’ Our ‘conflict resolution’ has not really worked, we just seem to try to ‘cover over our hurt or disappointment’ — to try to ignore it, until it surfaces again — and we have another ‘volcano’ or ‘near volcano.’ (I feel surely it ‘must be me’ that I am just a ‘relationship failure’ — and I’m sure most of our friends would also accept that I am a difficult person as far as relationships.) But in our marriage¬†this is a circle that has become too much a part of our life — the person who wrote the book I am going to recommend calls it the “Crazy Cycle.”

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